As a new property owner in Skäralids community association, you are greeted warmly welcome! Community association’s area includes a service center with pool, sauna, tennis court, football pitch, mini golf, boules court and gym. Furthermore, there is a jogging track for those who wish, marked as yellow and red loop. The pond is stocked with carp and ducks. There is a total ban on fishing in the pond.

The association also owns part of the land that is being leased.

The association manages Ljunga Gillet, a barn that was renovated and adapted for different activities and gatherings.

The association holds its annual general meeting here on the 3rd Saturday of July.

Ljungagillet, you can rent as a member of the association. The lease is maintained by Alex Barrit. Rental costs and regulations, is noticed on the signboard, which is at the center of the plant.

Here also posted messages and other information that affects you as a member. After each board meeting also posted an info sheet on this website


As a property owner, you are required to pay an annual membership fee, as decided by the General Meeting, and is currently 2 650 SEK per semester, or if you choose to pay for a full-year, 5 000 SEK. Full year payment or first half payment shall be the compound not later on April 30 and the second half payment at the latest on 31 October. Member premium finance among others to pay our janitors, operation and maintenance of the pool – sauna – and other premises and land management areas and roads.

Society stands for simple gatherings at May Day, in conjunction with the AGM and then fall – and spring cleaning in association administration arranged.

At the association’s fall – and spring activities greeted all members welcome to help with simple chores. As a member, you do not cut down trees on the association’s land. You may apply in writing to the Board that will decide the matter and also take care of the precipitate.

The entire area is speed limit 20 km. Please respect this when there are children in the area and there is a lot of wildlife. Moreover, higher speed greater wear and consequently higher repair costs on the road network.